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About My Dog — Cooper

In lieu of about me

Black and white border Collie mix
Photo by Deb Palmer

In place of an About Me page, I’ve opted to write About My Dog, Cooper. Eventually I will find the fortitude to write about myself.

In the meantime —

If Cooper had a dating profile —

Chill, Dapper, Dog, Looking to Share Treats and Naps with Perfect Match

About Me:

My name’s Cooper! I’m a proud adopted shelter dog, an avid toy collector, and, if you ask my owners, I have a mysterious former life. As for my shady past, I do my best to get them, (Sandy and Sweetie), to focus on today. No use looking back at your tail. Right?

What you need to know —


I’ll be brave and say, “I’m the sensitive type.” If you’re hurting, I’m there for you. My owners, Sandy and Sweetie, say they fell in love with me when I leaned on them at the shelter. That’s my thing, I lean on people. It’s even better than letting them pat you on the head. Leaning is the best way to say, I’m here if you need me. I hear them say, if I’d been a girl they would have named me Eileen.


Black and white border collie mix resting head on his toy

I’ve been accused of not sharing my toys with others. Okay, guilty as charged but I’m looking forward to showing off my collection if you’re the tail wagger I’m dreaming of. Sandy and Sweetie hunt for the best plush toys every week at places they refer to as yard sales. I have to say they bring back a lot of worthless crap as well, sometimes walking by the finest stuffed menagerie you ever saw. Once there was a bear, bigger than me, sitting in a chair. I barked, pointing best I could as they walked by. Honestly, I think they need glasses. Oh, that reminds me, one thing you should know about my collection is that they have no eyes. That’s my job. You’ll need to bring your own toys if you want to enjoy that part.

Sky Raisins

I have a love/hate relationship with flies. They drive me crazy, buzzing around my face or food bowl. Yet, the joy I get soaring like a stealth bomber, landing that satisfying crunch. It’s worth getting yelled at by Sweetie when I come too



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