My ADHD Love Affair with Music

Deb Palmer
5 min readMay 12


Classical salsa with a twist of Rock & Roll and a Splash of Melancholy

Photo by author — 2010 Foghat Concert

Julie KingGood’s article below inspired me to take on this prompt inspired by The Happy Human May Writing Prompt.

What songs give your mood a boost?

I love Latin music. Give me some Perez Prado and I’m freestyling Mambo and Salsa on whatever flat service I can find.

Do you listen to music while writing? What do you listen to, and how does it help you with your creative work?

Although I’m not listening to music at the moment, I often do when I am writing. I guess I see this as more informational. When I want my reader to feel the mood of my work, I choose the appropriate song. Music actually helps me focus and when I’m clicking the keyboard with my headset on, I’m in my happy mode. Piano solos are my go-to.

Need drama? Try Debussy’s Clair de Lune. It takes you high then surrenders you to the low. When I have writer’s block I call on Debussy. If nothing else, you’ll find out what’s lurking in your mind and soul.

Do you have favorite playlists for driving, cleaning, working…?

While cooking or cleaning, I ask Alexa to play the blues station. We often argue about what that means but she’s learning. My hubby drives us everywhere. Although I’m amused by his tortured-looking face when I drive, I rather like being chauffeured. Sadly, music is nothing but noise to him…



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